Four- Hand-Massage

For When 2 Hands Are Not Enough!

The sheer orgasmic bliss of our full body tantric massage is already an experience you won’t want to miss, so why on earth wouldn’t you want to double your pleasure for a truly mind-blowing encounter? Next time you’re in BERLIN, indulge yourself and let not one, but two of Masseuses come and give you the most incredible 4 hand massage BERLIN has on offer.

Choose two of our gorgeous Masseuses and be prepared to give yourself over to the truly mind-blowing pleasure of being attended by four hands instead of two, and two bodies instead of one. Masseuses will look after every inch of you, using hands and bodies and fingers to explore and soothe away every little ache and pain, and bring you the sensation of incredible heightened sensuality instead. With such a tempting scenario on offer, how can you refuse?

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