The Euphorie Tie and Tease Massage Berlin

Do you tire of being in charge?

Do you yearn to hang up your responsibilities for a while and let someone else take over? Being in a position of authority all day every day can leave you exhausted and burned out. It’s no wonder so many men love to get away from the stress and pressure of their lives and allow themselves to be dominated by a gorgeous, authoritative woman for an hour or two. Our kinky tie and tease massage will allow you to explore your submissive side with one of our exquisitely strict mistresses. As well as the titillation of restraint, you will be teased and treated to the heavenly sensations of our signature Tantric body-to-body massage.

For those of you who feel more adventurous, then the Tie&Tease massage is an exclusive and unforgettable service offered by Euphorie. One of our stunning masseuses will engage in a session of unadulterated domination and submission; where you are at the mercy of her every command. Not only is this a fantastic experience for people who love S&M, it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime way to unwind after a long and difficult day. The Tie&Tease Massage is truly something special.

Tie and Tease

A Tie and Tease massage is truly an experience like no other. A masseuse, of your choosing, will ask you to submit and liberate yourself to her every demand. Our clients have the option of stating in advance what their tolerance levels are, so you’ll never feel uncomfortable. Once you’re relaxed, your Euphorie Mistress will tantalise and tease you until your heart’s content. You’ll also receive an erotic massage; ensuring that you get the maximum pleasure from your Tie and Tease experience. Although our masseuses never engage in sexual intercourse, we believe that we provide something just as good. If you have a special desire, then you always can speak about it with our masseuses.


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